Early College Program

View ECP Classes and Find Course Reference Numbers

View ECP classes and the corresponding Course Reference Numbers (CRN) by going to www.isu.edu and clicking the Quick Links tab and choose class schedule. Choose the term and click the Submit button. Select the subject(s) and high school campuses and click class search. Note: To choose more than one subject at a time, hold the control key while clicking on the various subjects. For example, if you want to search for an English and a history class, scroll down to English, hold the Ctrl key and click English then scroll to history and click it. Check carefully to find your school and the correct start dates to make sure you register for the correct class. ISU representatives will visit your class during the open registration period (usually within the first two weeks of class) with a list of CRNs and course information of what is being offered at your high school.

Early College classes held on high school campuses are CLOSED to everyone EXCEPT high school students eligible to enroll in them. Before registering in a course, check to see that you meet all course requirements. Course requirement information can be found by clicking on the view catalog entry link under the course information on the class schedule listing.

High school students participating within the Early College program may take any ISU undergraduate course for which they have met the prerequisites. Contact the Early College Program office for additional information.

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