Early College Program

ECP Registration

The Early College Program offers dual credit courses (courses earning both high school and college credit) to high school students at their high school, on an ISU campus (if prerequisites are met), video conferencing, and web-based. To be eligible a student must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA and be age sixteen or older. Before a student can register, they must complete the application process and receive a username and password. If taking English 1101 or a math course, passing placement scores must be submitted to the Early College Program office.

Registering for ECP Classes Taught at the High School

Registering for ECP Classes Taught on an ISU Campus, Web, or Video-Conferencing

To register for ECP classes taught on campus at ISU, by web, or video-conferencing contact the Early College Program Office at 208-282-6067 to obtain a registration form. You must apply for the Early College Program.