Early College Program

High School Faculty/Staff — Course Timeline

Time Frame High School Instructor Submits/Facilitates

Fall - July 1

Spring - Nov. 1

Submit application materials for new instructors/new courses. (High School Adjunct and Course Request Form, curriculum vitae, and copies of all college transcripts)

Upon Approval of Course

Submit W4, I9 and PARTS Forms
May-August Submit course times, semester/trimester, start date and end date

Submit course syllabus to Academic Department

Make sure payment, add/drop, and withdrawal deadlines are on the syllabus.

Submit current academic year PARTS form
First Weeks of Class English, chemistry, math and physics instructors make sure students have met course pre-requisite. Facilitate COMPASS placement testing if needed.  Provide copies of official test scores from ACT, SAT or COMPASS for all students registering for college credit.
Inform new ECP students about application process
Coordinate registration visits with Early College Program staff
Review class list through Bengal Web with your students prior to payment deadlines
Mid-Term Instructor notifies students with Mid-Term grades of “D” or “F”. Advises students about withdrawal deadlines and procedures in order to avoid low grades on their college transcript.
End of Class Course and instructor evaluations are completed by students
Submit student grades through Bengal Web. See important dates for appropriate grading times.
June - August Receive copy of liaison report and course evaluations
August Attend Mandatory Teacher Training Workshop