Early College Program

High School Faculty/Staff — Teacher Stipend and Privileges

Instructor Stipend Pay

High school instructors also functioning as approved Idaho State University adjunct instructors teaching an ISU course on their high school campus will be paid a stipend per class by Idaho State University. The stipend is intended to cover all overload associated in offering the class for ISU credit. The stipend does not cover instruction or lecture time as the instructor is already compensated for time in regular salary.

Newly approved high school instructors need to submit information on the following forms to the Office of Human Resources. Forms are located at: http://www.isu.edu/humanr/Forms/

Completed forms, plus either your social security card and driver's license or a passport, unexpired or expired, must be presented at the HR office for completion of your personnel record.

New instructors should also provide their home address and social security numbers to the Early College Program by calling us at 208-282-6067.

An ISU contract letter will be sent to you each semester that you teach a dual credit class. For further information concerning a contract or stipend pay, please contact the Early College Program at 208-282-6067.

Adjunct Instructor ISU Privileges

Idaho State University adjunct instructors are eligible for the following privileges:

  1. Use of the Computer Center and microcomputer laboratories for University-related business.
  2. Use of the university library and research space and facilities (as approved by the appropriate department chairperson).
  3. With sponsoring faculty and/or department approval, authorization to apply to granting agencies in the name of Idaho State University in accordance with regular university procedures. Eligibility for submitting grant applications to the ISU Research Committee is based on these committees: By-laws and Guidelines for Proposals.