Early College Program

High School Faculty/Staff — Establishing an ISU Course on a High School Campus

The appropriate academic departments must annually approve all Idaho State University courses offered on a high school campus. In order for high school instructors to be considered for ISU adjunct/affiliate faculty status they must hold a Master's degree in the subject area and submit an Early College Program High school Adjunct and Course Request Form to the Early College Program Office. A course request application is considered complete when accompanied by the following:

Upon approval, instructors will work with departments to develop an approved syllabus and review textbook(s) guidelines.

Printable Application Checklist

High School Instructor Qualifications

High school instructors must meet the same adjunct qualifications as those met by all ISU adjuncts within the academic department. Academic departments require adjuncts to hold at least a Master’s degree in the content area of the course requested.

High School Student Qualifications

Idaho State University enrollment procedures follow guidelines set forth by the Idaho State Board of Education regarding accelerated learning programs or high school dual credit. High school students must have a 3.00 high school GPA (for students taking academic courses). High school students must be at least 16 years old (at start of semester), or must have successfully completed at least one-half of the high school graduation requirements as certified by the high school. High school students must have a signature from both a parent and a high school principal or counselor recommending enrollment in college level course work.

If a student does not meet the above criteria, a school official may make an exception upon review with the student and/or parents.

High School Classroom Qualifications

Whenever possible, it is recommended that only high school students registered for the ISU course attend the class. While a mixed classroom population is acceptable, Idaho State University’s academic departments are committed to providing students enrolled in ISU courses on the high school campus with an educational experience that approximates, as closely as possible, the experience they would have if taking the same courses on ISU’s campus. It is especially important for all students in a class to have the appropriate prerequisite skills. Students lacking those skills not only do poorly but affect the focus of the class, to the detriment of those who are prepared to learn the higher-level material.

Idaho State University minimum and maximum class limits must be followed. Generally a minimum of 5 students is required for any ISU course offered on a high school campus. The Early College Program and/or the academic department will inform instructors teaching course(s) with an established class maximum.

High School Instructor Responsibilities:

High School Student Responsibilities:

High School Administrator Responsibilities:

Idaho State University Responsibilities:


Course instructors need to have course textbooks approved through the academic department. Students can purchase textbooks at the university bookstore or on-line at www.efollett.com. Some high schools will purchase and provide textbooks to students enrolled.