Early College Program

Current Students — General Education Goals

All Idaho State University degree-seeking students must fulfill departmental, General Education, and general graduation requirements for their particular fields of study at ISU.  The General Education requirements are organized into twelve goals:  three in the skills areas of writing, speaking and mathematics, and nine in content areas.

Students who plan to apply to other colleges and universities should review General Education Goals and courses needed at their intended destination. ISU's goals for major and departmental requirements can be found within the university catalog.

ISU's General Education program is the foundation for degrees in the arts and sciences, business, education, engineering, health professions, pharmacy, and for Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) that combines a College of Technology program with a foundation in general education and a supporting field. As a common foundation, general education is jointly owned by all the colleges even though most of the courses that fulfill the requirements are taught in the College of Arts and Letters, and the College of Sciences and Engineering.

Grading System

Idaho State University uses letter grades with a four (4) point maximum grading scale. The grade A is the highest possible grade, and a grade of F is considered failing. Plus (+) or minus (-) symbols are used to indicate grades that fall above or below the letter grades. The grades of A+, F+, and F- are not used. For purposes of calculating grade points and averages, the plus (+) is equal to .3 and minus (-) equals .7 (e.g., a grade B+ is equivalent to 3.3 and A- is 3.7). A student's work is rated in accordance with the following definitions:

Grade GPA Definition
A 4.00 excellent performance
A- 3.70 excellent performance
B+ 3.30 good performance
B 3.00 good performance
B- 2.70 good performance
C+ 2.30 adequate performance
C 2.00 adequate performance
C- 1.70 adequate performance
D+ 1.30 marginal performance
D 1.00 marginal performance
D- 0.70 marginal performance
F 0.00 unacceptable performance

Courses in which any A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+ or C grade is earned are always acceptable toward an undergraduate program and graduation requirements unless specifically excluded for a particular course, program or degree. Courses in which a C-, D+, D or D- grade is earned are acceptable towards graduation requirements. No credits are awarded for any course in which an F grade is earned.

Each department/program determines the specific grading scale to be explained in each class syllabus.  There are no campus-wide grading criteria.