Early College Program

Current Students — Student Advising

High school students should discuss Early College Program enrollment possibilities with parents and high school counselors. Contact the Early College Program coordinator for specific questions at 282-6067/2633.

It is important to remember that as an Early College student, you are also an Idaho State University student and you will be held to the academic policies of the university. ISU college credits and grades earned will be recorded on permanent college transcripts.

High school students are strongly encouraged to consult with their high school counselor or the Early College Program Coordinator before enrolling in any course(s). Future college application, admission, and intended fields of study should also be considered in your discussion to ensure proper course selection.

General Education and Electives

Some general education courses are common to all majors, such as English composition, while other majors have specific requirements that fulfill both general education and are part of a specific degree plan. Students, whenever possible, should take courses that count towards fulfillment of their general education requirement and also meet a goal within their chosen major. Degree plans for some majors include a very limited number of elective credits. At ISU, a minimum of 120 credit hours are necessary for a bachelor's degree.