Early College Program

Additional Information for ECP Class Registration

Registering For College Credit

To register for college credit students must be placed in high school classes with the dual credit option. Check with your high school counselor and/or registrar for more information.

Idaho State University Semester Calendar

The following class types follow ISU’s semester calendar and not the high school calendar:

Be sure to check the Academic Calendar for important dates.

ECP Enrollment Credit Limits

High school students meeting the necessary requirements will be allowed to enroll on campus on a part-time (1-7 credits) basis. High school students wishing to enroll with 8 or more credits on their high school campus will need to contact the Early College Program Office for permission at 282-6067 or email us at ecp@isu.edu with the number of credits requested.

Students are encouraged to discuss course enrollment with the Early College Program staff or their high school counselor.

Student Who Are 15 or Under

Students 15 and under will need to meet with the Early College Program director or Registrar to discuss possible enrollment. Students will also need to submit ACT/SAT or COMPASS English and Math test scores and may be asked for additional academic documentation. Enrollment, if granted, is per semester, per class and per instructor approval.

Students Who Are 19 and Over

Students 19 and over will need to petition Early College Program participation with the Early College Office.